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Vintage Shop in Jackson, TN | Butler’s Antique Mall

vintage woman “If you didn’t find it at Butler’s, you didn’t look hard enough!”

Vintage car | Jackson, TN
Vintage radio | Jackson, TN
Vintage toy airplane | Jackson, TN

Treasure Chest Full of Vintage Goodies

That classy dresser? It lived in some lady’s bedroom over a hundred years ago. That quirky button-down? A guy who just turned 70 rocked it when he was your age. That gothic lamp? It once lit up a space an ocean away, many moons ago. At Butler’s Antique Mall, we think that’s the coolest.

A local, family-owned vintage shop in Jackson, TN, Butler’s offers everything under the second-hand sun. Whether you’re a retired couple, a designer looking for house pieces, a picker from the coast, or a college student looking to create a unique style, you’re guaranteed to discover a one-of-a-kind item you’ll be beyond excited to give a new life.

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Even though we sell antiques, we kindly ask that you do not send us a telegram or fax.

Retro Finds of All Kinds



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We Love and Welcome Your Grandmother

but Butler’s isn’t your grandmother’s antique shop.

Antique shops have a reputation for being snobby and stuffy. We hate that. Our clients are diverse, young, old, and come from all walks of life and all across the USA.

People flock to Butler’s because we have a special something for everyone’s personality and pocketbook. Whatever you’re on the hunt for — decadent decorations, funky furniture, gorgeous gowns (we really could go on and on here) — we know you’ll leave with the gem you wanted, and a few others you didn’t even know you needed.

A Jackson, TN, community staple, Butler’s is a place where vendors and shoppers learn from and laugh with each other. We’re not just an antique shop — we’re an inclusive environment where everyone can come together.

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Reasons to Shop Second-Hand:

Reasons to shop second-hand

It’s better for your wallet.

Reasons to shop second-hand

It’s better for your aesthetic.

Reasons to shop second-hand

It’s better for OUR PLANET!

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Curious about what we got around the shop?

A Collector’s Paradise

Sure, some people picture umbrella straws and beach waves, but for vintage-lovers, paradise is Butler’s. Our mall is filled to the brim with dealers — all of whom have their own unique taste and price range. Our staff is always happy and willing to help you find an item or bargain on your behalf, ensuring you get the best deal possible. Established in the community for two decades and counting, our veteran dealers and shoppers know we keep the antiques coming, accessible, and affordable. Coming to Butler’s is like going on a quest for gold, and finding piles of sparkling coins around every corner.

15k Square Feet
80 Booths/Showcase Spaces

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Take part in the retro renaissance! Shop your heart out at Butler’s Antique Mall!

Vintage Shop in Jackson, TN | Butler’s Antique Mall

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Business hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Monday: Closed